Lee’s Retirement Chronicles: Day 3

(Note: I am newly retired. The 2015-16 school year, which where I live began the day AFTER Labor Day, marked the first time in nearly 20 years that I was not in the classroom at the beginning of the new school year. Here is the next part of what will be a continuing series: “Life After Work(ing).”)

I was warned that I would not have problems staying busy, but no one said most of my busy-ness would not be of my doing. Take today, for example. When the phone rings at 10:45 a.m. — yes, I was up — that’s not always a good sign, especially when you’re not expecting any calls from the likes of a Sears serviceman or the guy who is remodeling your bathroom.

Granddaughter, age 14, a ninth-grader: “Grandpa, can you go to McDonald’s and get my some chicken nuggets, fries and a Sprite?” Grandpa: “Um, why?” Granddaughter: “I don’t have any money in my account yet and I’m hungry.”

Ah, yes, I forgot about this “School of Choice” thing and the fact that there’s a lot of paperwork involved. My boys have been out of school for so long, combined with the fact the my wife did all the dirty work when they were in school, that I forgot the tediousness of it.

There is a young couple we have befriended, partly because they were friends of our son and his wife who have since moved out west with a good job opportunity. I like them. They seem to be seeking direction and they’ve joined us at church a couple of times. One time I even brought her several bags of groceries when her mom found me on facebook and told me their fridge was empty. When I got over there with milk and eggs and other essentials, about all they had in the refrigerator was a can of pop and maybe two slices of cheese. I was amazed.

I’m letting them use our washer and dryer once a week as needed. Sort of reminds me of my college days when my wife was working full-time and I was going to school full-time. On Tuesdays, when I did not have morning classes, I would go to mom’s house and spend part of the day with her while doing my laundry. Pay it forward. It’s a good thing.

Anyway, I brought my granddaughter lunch, then had to go back a couple of hours later to pick her up, then had to go to an elementary school about 90 minutes after that to pick up her younger brother, my grandson (duh).

THEN about 90 minutes after that we had to go to pick up my wife from work because one of our sons, who is currently living with us, took my wife’s car to Lansing for a meeting with his new boss. Long story short, I had to scramble this morning to make some adjustments to some savings’ accounts in order to NOT have to pay an overdraft fee on my checking account. But when I picked up my wife, she handed me the check I was expecting for working with “Sam” because the guy who runs that program got an RTS (Return to Sender), but knew he was going to bump into my wife during the day. On the way home, we stopped at the bank to make doubly sure the account was OK, then decided to stop at a local Real Estate branch office for a “Customer Appreciation Meal” of fried chicked, baked beans, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, baked beans and ice cream. (Yes, I had three helpings of baked beans.)

I had singing practice at church tonight for Sunday’s service. The wife of one of our missionaries is playing for us as her husband is going to give the message, so we had an extended practice as we adjusted to each other’s styles. The only complaint: She slowed everything down soooooooo much, but we’ll probably adjust that on Sunday when our drummer shows up.

I sat in the car for about 10 minutes after I arrived home to listen to the playoff game involving the Whitecaps. They won. Yay. I get to go to another game Saturday.


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