A tractor pull is a lot like life itself. Really.

I went to a truck and tractor pull recently, covering the event for the newspaper where I work. I’m not big on truck and tractor pulls; never have been. The evening turned into a total debacle when my wife, who joined me for the first time in three nights at the Ottawa County Fair, sent me a text: “And the point of all this is?”
Sad to say, though I’ve covered lots of events as a sports writer, including things like harness-horse racing and lawnmower racing at this very same fair, I did not have an answer.
Two nights later, however, while lying in bed, the answer popped into my head. The fact that said wife was complaining about how I did not finish the “To Do” list she had made for me, helped that answer pop into my head.
A tractor pull is a lot like life itself. There are slow tractors and fast tractors just like there are slow humans and fast humans. Human youngsters start strong much the same way tractors and trucks begin their trek. The weight is far back on the sled and the going is easy. In life, the weight is far ahead in the future and, say it with me, the going is easy.
But as we move through life, much the way the tractors move down the track, the weight gets closer and the going gets tougher. In life, the weight could be a number of things or a combination of things: College, marriage, children, unpleasant jobs, too much debt, breakups, divorce … all of those things weigh on us.
As we get older and we take on more weight. As the tractors get closer to the end of their run, the weight becomes more of a burden. We knuckle under from the weight as we get older and we slow down. And stop. The tractors get to a point where the weight is at the front of the sled and they slow down. And stop.
With us, that stoppage equates to death. We cannot go any farther. Same with the tractors. They can’t go any farther. They are stopped dead in their tracks.
But then a miracle happens. With humans, it’s called the resurrection. John 11:35 reads, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.”
With the tractors and trucks, it’s a similar rebirth. The vehicle is removed from the sled, the weight is gone and the tractor is free to go. That’s addressed in Matthew 11:30. “For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”
Humans and tractors progressing along their separate paths. I never realized they could be so much alike.


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