Parents: Don’t stop teaching your children

Dear Parents of school-aged children:
I know it’s summertime when they get three months of vacation while you scramble around finding ways to keep them entertained. Please do not use television, texting with friends and social media to keep them occupied. Do that and their brains will turn to mush over the course of the summer and come fall, you’ll start blaming teachers for the bad grades your children are getting.
There are lots of opportunities out there to make every minute of every day a learning experience. Sure, some of them will cost money: Your local zoo, for example, charges admission, but when you’re there you can make the visit educational by reading the information signs to them or, depending on their age, have them read them to you. Ask questions. Have them ask you questions. Maybe you’ll learn something, too. I know for a fact you’ll learn that your kids want to learn.
Have phone-free times to sit with them. Be an example. If you read, they’ll read, even if it’s the daily newspaper. Read a book a week or a book every two weeks. Teach them, please.
We (yes, I’m an educator) have them for seven or eight hours a day for nine months. The rest of the time — in addition to the first five years — they’re yours. Make those minutes count.
A Teacher.


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