Fremont’s Water’s Edge Golf Club; Water, edgy and a lot of fun

Dear Waters Edge Golf Club.

My friend, Geoff, and I enjoyed our visit to your place a little over a week ago. Since the state has scrapped my job plans for the summer — I teach special education in Grand Rapids and Lansing apparently sees no need for our students to get a continuing education — I decided to check out things like, groupon and the ever-popular Golf Discount book to try out courses I’ve never played before.

My parents grew up in Fremont, so it was fun to “go home.” And since your description of your course on both and in the advertisement sounded intriguing, I was. Intrigued, that is.

First the compliments.

We loved the layout. It was great that the lakes around which the course are built so came into play on Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 12 … what a great signature turn for this beautiful course.

We believe your course is fair and challenging, but not difficult, which is one of the reasons we had so much fun.

We REALLY like heading away from No. 12, going out into the nether reaches of your course and playing the next six holes. I mean, sandwiching the No. 18 handiap — the 120-yard, par-3 16th in between the No. 2, No. 8 and No. 4 finishing holes? Brilliant!!

Now the complaints, though they are few.

First, when I play new courses, I love to take a logo ball home with me as a souvenir to add to the display case hanging on my “Man Cave” wall. Unfortunately, you had none, but the girl at the counter did explain “they cost money.” True, but I kind of feel when you buy and renovate a business, no matter what kind of business it is, you pay the money up front and recoup the losses later. But then, I’ve never owned a business, so maybe I’m full of it.

As for the course, we liked the thickness of the clover rough, but in many places it wasn’t cut quite short enough and with the dandelions going to seed, it was difficult to find our golf balls in that thick grass. But that was partly our fault for straying from the fairway.

I don’t know if some of the following was posted in the clubhouse, but it should be on the scorecard for any other newbies who venture your way.

• What is the distance to the edge of the swamp on No. 9? That would have been nice to know. We thought we were hitting toward a flagstick directly down the middle, but it turned out to be the out-of-bounds stakes at the far edge of the weedy area and we both lost our balls.

• Also, what is the exact distance to the creek crossing the No. 11 fairway? I tried to do the math based on the white (150-yard) stake, but that didn’t work out at all.

• Perhaps because it’s early in the season, but many of the holes did not have stakes at the 150-yard marks … or at 100 or 200 yards either. That’s important for me. I believe it’s important for most golfers, especially out-of-towners.

• The scorecard — which has not been upgraded from your “Ramshorn On The Lakes” days — designates Blue, White and Red tee markers. When we played, we saw markers of four different colors which were badly in need of being painted the proper colors.

All in all, Geoff and I loved your course. Most of my issues are probably because we’ve never been there and we’re not familiar with distances to the green and off the tee. I’m still trying to figure out how, while trying to lay up on No. 11 with an easy 4-iron, I hooked the ball all the way across No. 10 and into the lake.

We will be back. And we will, no doubt, enjoy ourselves.


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