Repost of an earlier blog about ARod

Sorry to do this to you guys, but we’ll see how right Enos Cabell is. He’s a former Major Leaguer who had to sit out a year for cocaine usage and now works in the front office for the Houston Astros.


Alex Rodriguez, among others, was suspended not only for the remainder of the 2013 season, but for 2014 as well. Enos Cabell doesn’t think that suspension will stick.

“He admitted (to using PEDs), but he never failed a drug test,” Cabell said. “Back in Pittsburgh, I admitted to using cocaine, but that was five or six years before we got suspended. By the time they tested me, I passed the test.

“The basic agreement (between players and owners) says you can’t suspend anyone for more than 100 days. They all signed it, so I think it will be reduced to 100 days. Bud (Selig, baseball’s commissioner) can’t go ahead and overturn an agreement that everybody signed.”


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