Sometimes our stories write themselves

ALLENDALE — Brandan Green and Isiah Grimes are one page apart in the Grand Valley State University football media guide.
They definitely were on the same page Saturday night, Sept. 14, as Grimes and Green hooked up for a lot of yards and a touchdown in the Lakers’ 31-15 win over Truman (Mo.) State.
Six of Grimes’ 15 completions (in 23 attempts) landed in the sure hands of Green for 223 yards
And after Green set up Grand Valley’s first two touchdowns — a couple of short bursts by runningback Michael Ratay — the senior wide receiver from Linden was rewarded for his efforts with a touchdown of his own, a 61-yard (mostly) catch and run in the final minute-and-a-half of the third quarter.
That was the one he was happy to talk about after the game.
“The whole night I was so close and the guys on the sidelines kept giving me crap about not getting in,” Green said of earlier catches that covered 39 yards and 51 yards. “I’d land on the two or the one (yard lines) and it was like, ‘Are you going to get in the end zone or what?’
“Isiah can really throw the ball, so you just run as fast as you can. On the touchdown pass, I remember looking up for the ball, then having to put my head back down and run as fast as I could.”
How good was the Grimes-to-Green connection? As late as the end of the third quarter, Green’s catches had accounted for 212 of Grimes’ 235 passing yards.
“I just kind of get out there and run and let them throw the ball as far as they can and I just run under it,” Green said.
Green’s 212 yards on Saturday was the third best single-game total in Grand Valley State football history.
Grimes, who started seven games last year when Heath Parling went down with a knee injury, started Saturday when Parling was sidelined with lingering effects from a sore shoulder incurred in last week’s game against Azusa Pacific.
“I know he’s pretty fast and I can throw the ball pretty far, so when we get those opportunities we just like to take advantage of them,” Grimes said.
Those opportunities may have begun to present themselves, at least as far as Grimes and Green are concerned, before Green’s sophomore season.
“I actually came in as a cornerback,” Green said. In his senior season at Linden High, he had 50 tackles and seven interceptions.
“After my first year here, after Chuck Martin left, coach Mitch (Matt Mitchell) came over and said he thought it would be best if Michael Hatcher and I would switch places.”
As an understudy to Charles Johnson the past couple of years, Green totaled 23 passes for 378 yards and three touchdowns.
Now that he’s a starter, Green is well on his way to setting some personal records.
“We were a little disappointed we couldn’t get him a little more involved in game one (zero catches),” Mitchell said. “He’s a home-run threat and I was glad that he got back on track. I wouldn’t say anyone in the lockerroom was shocked that he had 223 yards receiving.
“Hopefully he can keep this trend going.”


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